Our top tips and jobs for the month:

  1. Keep weeds under control. Use Round Up, Weedol or similar for control, and weed control membrane for suppression now before the rain makes the weeds go wild!  We also have Smart Cover which is 75% more effective than bark at weed suppression. 

  2. Protect fruit blossom from late frosts. Fleece available in store, or bring them into a shed or greenhouse if possible.  

  3. If planting new trees, roses or shrubs use Q4 mycorrhiza (a symbiotic fungus) to ensure healthy root growth, available in store.

  4. Sow hardy annuals and herb seeds now.

  5. Apply a general-purpose fertiliser to borders and beds. Use Miracle Gro feed on shrubs, farmyard manure or rose, tree and shrub compost around trees and use Rose Feed on roses.

  6. Mow and feed lawns. We have lots of Bosch mowers in store. Use a half-moon edging iron or spade to create a 3in ‘gutter’ around the lawn edge to prevent grass creeping from the lawn into borders.  Use lawn edging to keep it neat and tidy.

  7. Use artificial grass to cover long-term problem patches or just for easy maintenance.

  8. Sow a wild flower meadow or area - ready made packs are in store.

  9. Divide pond plants and waterlilies. Use an aquatic plant feed stick, as pond plants need a slow release feed to thrive too.

  10. Plant summer-flowering bulbs, if not done already. Use a bit of gravel in the bulb hole and bulb fibre to ensure good drainage to prevent bulbs from rotting.

  11. Paint fences and decking with wood stain, and garden furniture with furniture oil.  

  12. Put supports in place for perennials before they get too large. Obelisks, bamboo, stakes are all useful..

  13. Protect lilies, delphiniums, hostas and other new shoots from slugs and snails, as they will be active now.

  14. Check for vine weevil, which attack roots and cause the plant to wilt, and treat with Vine Weevil Killer.

  15. Start to feed citrus plants, and re-pot with citrus compost.

  16. Increase the water given to houseplants, and give a feed now.

  17. Get your hose ready for drier spells. Make life easy with an auto timer which can automatically water at dawn and dusk.  We also have full irrigation systems in store which are really easy to set up.