Our top jobs and advice for the month:


  1. If not too wet, you can start to plant out Summer bulbs with gravel and bulb fibre underneath to stop them rotting, OR pot them up and put them in the greenhouse now to give them a head start.

  2. Continue digging over the ground and tackle annual weeds using a systemic weedkiller when we have a dry spell.

  3. Start outdoor sowings of early crops.

  4. Prune late flowering climbers and shrubs.

  5. Treat moss on established lawns, with moss killer.

  6. Plant new fruit trees and bushes, and new shrubs and trees (weather permitting).  Use Rose, Tree & Shrub compost.

  7. Winter wash fruit trees, and treat cuts with Seal & Heal. Use fruit tree grease to prevent moth caterpillars, and commence feeding.

  8. Remove any debris from ponds and water features.

  9. Don't forget to keep feeding the birds, especially with suet and high protein foods such as sunflower seeds.

 Grow Your Own

  1. Plant onions, shallots and garlic (choose from many varieties in store)

  2. Chit seed potatoes - we have a wider than ever selection of varieties available.  Potato growing tips below*.  

  3. Add plenty of manure to enrich your soil.

  4. Mulch with bark to protect plants from frosts.

  5. Sow seeds indoors to raise seedlings for planting out in the Spring.

  6. Check for aphids on cherries, plums, currants and gooseberries - treat with Bug Killer.

  7. Net winter cabbages and broccoli to protect them.  We have a full range of netting available by the metre.

Growing potatoes in a pot - Try a pot on your patio first...  Put in two-three inches of compost, sow your potato with the ‘shoots upwards and cover with compost.  Add more compost as the shoots poke through until a couple of inches off the top of the pot.  Layer the crop throughout the depth of the pot.

Growing potatoes in the ground - Dig a trench eight inches deep, with potatoes 12in apart if first earlies, or 18 to 24in if second earlies or maincrop.  A good fertiliser is important.  Also ‘earth up’ the plants once they start growing, i.e. raise the soil around the base of each plant to prevent any potatoes near the surface from turning green – green potatoes are poisonous. Water your potatoes regularly during the growing period or the crop will be small.