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Fertiliser & Chemicals

Our Product Range

We have a huge range of fertilisers & chemicals designed to aid your growing, supporting your plants from the very beginning and getting rid of anything unwanted.

Grow stronger plants with bigger blooms, more vivid colour and more leaf growth with fertilisers, and rid your garden of weeds and bugs with various chemicals. See just a few products from our range in the slideshow which includes:


  • Fish, Blood & Bone

  • Growmore

  • Bone Meal

  • Epsom Salts

  • Lime

  • Magnesium Salts

  • Plant Feed (Roses, Shrubs, Fruit & Veg etc)


  • Bug Clear

  • Rose Clear

  • Fungus Clear

  • Slug Clear

  • Rodent Traps and Deterrents

  • Grass Seed & Lawn Care

Browse a few of our products in the slide show on this page. If you need any help or would like to know if we stock a particular product, please contact us.