Our top tips and advice for this month:

  1. Feed your tomatoes now with Tomorite or Maxicrop to ensure they are getting the right nutrients for tastier tomatoes.

  2. Feed pots, containers and hanging baskets with Miracle Gro.  Use a liquid feed in borders.  Feed roses now with Top Rose. Feed mornings or evenings, not at hot times of the day.

  3. Spray your plants with Provanto Bug Killer if aphids, caterpillars and insects are on them.  Spray Roses with Rose Clear.  

  4. Ventilate your greenhouse as the weather warms up or you may end up with wilted plants.  Use Summer Cloud greenhouse shading, available in store.

  5. Turn the compost in your compost bin to make sure it is aerated and well mixed.  Use Compost Maker to help.

  6. Ensure you water your hanging baskets and pots as the warmer weather will dry them out quickly.  Install a Hozelock automatic watering kit which waters at dawn and dusk to avoid evaporation (available in store) to take care of this chore.  It can even water automatically while you are on holiday! 

  7. Keep weeding and apply weed killer directly to persistent perennial weeds. Natural weedkillers are available.

  8. Plan for new summerhouses or sheds, or paint/repair existing now.  Paint fences, garden furniture as well.  

  9. Harvest veg and fruit regularly as this will encourage the plants to produce more and more.  

  10. Deadhead to keep flowers coming throughout the Summer.  With roses remove the stalk down to the next 5 leaves NOT the 3 leaves, and your rose will bloom again.  

  11. Apple and pear trees naturally shed some of their fruit at this time of year, but further thin out so that you get fewer, but bigger fruit.

  12. If you have Blueberries make sure you water them well - ideally with rain water.  Catch it in a water butt. 

  13. Provide water for the birds - it's thirsty work raising chicks - invest in a good bird bath and make sure it's kept topped up.  Keep feeding the birds as they need extra while raising young. 

  14. Harvest potatoes if ready.  Brush some of the soil away, and have a little peek at your potatoes. If they are large enough to eat, then you can start harvesting them.

  15. Give the lawn a quick-acting summer feed.  Mow regularly.  Re-grow any problem areas with Patch Magic, and treat weeds with Lawn weedkiller. 

  16. Put in a pond now to encourage wildlife into your garden.  For existing ponds clear algae and blanket weed (come in and ask us for advice on the best ways of doing this), and debris from ponds, and keep them topped up with water.  Use dechlorinator if a lot of water is being used.

  17. Protect your plants from slugs and snails, with preventions such as Strulch mulch, copper tape and slug wool, or use slug killer to eradicate, including natural solutions.

  18. Take a seat in your garden - pour yourself a drink and take in all your hard work!