Our top tips and advice for the month:

  1. Hoe your borders regularly to keep on top of weeds.  Use Weedol or Round Up to clear stubborn weeds permanently.

  2. Keep your eye on the weather for any cooler snaps at night and protect anything tender with fleece.

  3. Pinch out your tomatoes regularly, harvest any lettuce, radish and early potatoes and any other salads that are ready. Feed with Tomorite or Baby Bio Fruit & Veg.

  4. Plant up hanging baskets, make sure you use water retaining granules and a slow release feed like Osmocote to stop them drying out and fill any empty containers you have with Summer bedding.

  5. Mow your lawn at least once a week, invest in a new mower where possible. Feed any yellow or patchy areas - use Patch Repair on small bare parts, or re-seed larger areas, but keep well watered.

  6. Use Nematodes where grass is under attack by leather jackets or chafer grubs.  Available to order in store.

  7. Add stakes or supports to tall growing plants such as dahlias and sunflowers.
  8. Prune Spring flowering shrubs to encourage new blooms.

  9. Think about shading parts of your greenhouse to prevent scorching any young plants.  Use Summer Cloud shading, just paint it on.

  10. Make any major changes to your garden before the Summer sets in such as new hard landscaping or new garden furniture - get yourself set for Summer early to get the most out of the season.  Easy to install patio packs are available in store, garden buildings, structures and furniture are all abundant in store now!

  11. Water growing plants regularly to ensure they grow at full speed.  Invest in a Hozelock automatic watering system to ensure the job is done daily. Full irrigation systems also available. 

  12. Paint garden benches, fences, and garden structures now.  A large colourful range of garden paints which cover metal, wood and for pots is in store to add some brightness to your garden.

  13. Protect from slugs and snails, with preventions such as copper tape and slug wool, or use slug killer to eradicate, or nematodes for a longer lasting solution.

  14. Spray and feed roses.  

  15. Use bug killer to keep bugs under control.

  16. Plant ponds and treat if algae or blanketweed are prevalent.  It's a good time to add new fish too.

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