Our top tips and advice for this month:

  1. Earth up your potatoes as they start to grow.  

  2. Plant out summer bedding - Geraniums, Fuchsias, Petunias, all the usual favourites are good to go, but keep your eye on the weather and protect any tender plants from frosts with fleece.  

  3. Set up some rainwater collection if you haven't already.  Water butts of all sizes are available with taps and connectors all available in store.

  4. Keep your eye on the weeds in your beds and hoe your beds regularly to stay on top of the onslaught.  Spray weeds now with Weedol or Round Up (both on special offer) before the weeds have a chance to take hold. 

  5. Watch out for beetle grubs - use an insecticide such as Resolva Bug Killer.

  6. Plant trees and shrubs now, using Q4+ Mycorrhizal fungi to encourage root growth and also tree and shrub compost.

  7. Mow the lawn regularly. Remove cuttings and apply lawn feed regularly. Use a weed and moss killer where needed.

  8. Clear and replace Spring bedding from borders when it fades, and fork in a general fertiliser such as Growmore, 6X Chicken Manure Pellets or Farmyard Manure.

  9. Ensure newly planted plants are kept watered in case of dry spells.  Treat yourself to an auto timer and/or an irrigation kit to take the strain out of watering.

  10. Wage war on slugs!  Now is the time when they come alive as they can smell the tasty shoots of your new plants.  Use Bayer slug killer  (available in chemical or organic versions in store) or Slug Gone wool pellets and sprinkle them around your baby shoots.

  11. Mulch away whilst you can still see what you are doing before herbaceous growth takes off.  Bark chips are available in store, and is ideal for this. Alternatively use Smart Cover which goes 75% further than bark.

  12. Other unwelcome visitors on the move are lily beetles (bright red little darlings with black heads and their yellow larvae), black-spotted green caterpillars or the gooseberry sawfly. Treat them with Bug Killer.

  13. Plan a patio project now, a shed or summerhouse. Get your garden furniture and BBQ now. It's the perfect time to get this sorted now to enjoy them for the Summer. Ask us for any help in store.