Our top jobs for the month of November:


1. Harvest root vegetables, Autumn brassicas, Oriental leaves, and late-season salad crops (call in & browse our new season's seed collections)
2. Pick Autumn raspberries, sow broad bean seeds outdoors, and plant garlic and rhubarb crowns (available in-store)

3. Plant Shrubs, Trees, Fruit trees, bushes and canes before the ground becomes too cold & wet (call in and choose from our wide selection)

4. Prune apple and pear trees and soft-fruit bushes while they are dormant (good range of secateurs and pruners available).  Use fruit tree grease, boltac bands and Winter tree wash to prevent pests.

5. Dig over your plot, removing any perennial weeds and add plenty of well-rotted organic material (consider using farmyard manure or 6x pellets, both available from stock)

6. Make up Winter hanging baskets and Winter pots. Cyclamen, trailing violas and pansies will look lovely over Winter. Lovely new pots in stock now.

7. Plant tulip bulbs now, plus any daffodils to allow Spring flowering.

8. Plant your garden with Winter colour now... See our recommended plants 

With all of the Autumn rain, a lot of the jobs that we couldn't do throughout October still need to be done:

1. Clear up fallen Autumn leaves. 

2. Provide frost protection to any tender plants you have outside or bring them into the greenhouse if possible. 

3. Clean out your greenhouse and give it a wash down and sulpher candle to get rid of any lingering pests.  If you are going to store plants over winter then insulate with bubble wrap.

4. Lift and store any bulbs you wish to use again for next year.  Dahlias and Cannas are best stored dry over winter.  If you are going to leave them in the ground then put a good covering of bark mulch over them to help protect against the cold.

5. Clear out Summer annuals and replant with some Winter Bedding plants.

6. Treat your lawn to some Autumn care.  Use Evergreen Autumn feed to treat and help protect your lawn against moss.

7. Trim any hedges that have become overgrown.

8. Continue to remove any debris that collects in your pond if you have one.  We have nets and pondvacs available in store to help.