Our top tips and jobs for this month:


1. Clear up fallen Autumn leaves regularly.  Rakes and leaf grabbers available in store to help you keep on top of this.

2. Provide frost protection to any tender plants you have outside or bring them into the greenhouse if possible.  We have fleece and frost jackets available in store to help you protect plants.

3. Clean out your greenhouse and give it a wash down and use a fumigator to get rid of any lingering pests.  If you are going to store plants over Winter then insulate your greenhouse with bubble wrap - we have rolls available in store.

4. Cover any bulbs that you are leaving in the ground with bark mulch over them to help protect against the cold.

5. Clear out Summer annuals and replant with some Winter Bedding plants which are available in store now.

6. Plant your Spring flowering bulbs now if you haven't already - it's not too late!  We have a range of bulbs and planting aids to help make this job a breeze.

7. Treat your lawn to some Autumn care.  Use Autumn feed to treat and help protect your lawn against moss.

8. It's your last chance to mow the lawn before Winter fully sets in and trim any hedges that have become overgrown. Hedge trimmers make this job easier.

9. Continue to remove any debris that collects in your pond if you have one.  We have nets  and pondvacs available in store to help stop debris collecting in your pond.

10. Harvest any remaining fruit you have before it perishes.  Got a glut of something?  Make some jam or chutney to enjoy throughout the year - we have Kilner Jars and accessories that are perfect for this job.