Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food 800g 80 Can

SKU: 8137
  • Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food, allows the soil to contain nutrients to help plants grow, over time even the richest soil becomes exhausted as the plants absorb the goodness they need through their roots. Unless the nutrients and trace elements are regularly replaced by the application of a well-balanced feed, your plants will cease to thrive.

    Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food also provides the perfect balance of nutrients, for long lasting beautiful blooms and lush greenery and for helping plant develop a strong and heathy root system.


    • Bigger plants, better blooms and more vegetables
    • Use on garden, lawns, young plants, fruit & veg, containers and baskets
    • 800g of Phostrogen will give you 80 x 4.5 litre watering cans of food
    • Provides the essential trace elements needed by plants for health and vitality
    • Nitrogen promotes healthy green foliage
    • Phosphate develops a strong and healthy root system
    • Potash develops abundant flowers & fruit and helps plants become more drought and disease resistant
    • Measuring scoop included
    • NPK: 16:20:24 plus trace elements.

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