Our top tips and advice for this month:

  1. As the weather gets more autumnal, it's an ideal time to plant new shrubs and trees, or move existing. These plants will get off to a flying start for next Spring, as they will have had all Winter to settle in. (Choose from our much extended range of trees and shrubs) 

  2. Once they've finished flowering, climbing roses, rambling and standard roses should be pruned down just above a 5 leaf shoot. Any dead or diseased growth should be cut back. Prune late-summer flowering shrubs. Give evergreen hedges a final trim to make sure they are in good shape for Winter. Hedgecutters available in store.

  3. Now is the time to use Vitax Winter tree wash to remove insect debris, dust and wax which insects use to secure their eggs. Suitable for use on all plants, but particularly evergreens, it removes contaminants from the leaf surface to increase light exposure and encourage photosynthesis. Also use Arbrex Seal & Heal to seal any tree wounds, and protect pruned branches against ingress of diseases and harmful pests such as coral spot and silver leaf. Use Greasebands & Moth Pheromone Traps on trees as a pest barrier for fruit trees - these non-drying adhesive, pesticide free grease bands & traps are ideal for organic gardeners and effectively trap winter moths and other insects.

  4. Now is the time to refresh hanging baskets pots and borders with Autumn/Winter bedding.  Lots of lovely bright colours available now.

  5. If you have brown-looking grass and patches, make repairs to your lawn now using grass seed, lawn weeder, and use Autumn feed, all available in-store. Scarify off heavy moss or thatch.  

  6. Gather up leaves from lawns and pathways now.  Garden vacs, rakes, and leaf collectors are now in store to help.

  7. Rain is great for your flowers, but it is great for your weeds too! Continue weed control in your flower beds to get rid of those pesky weeds and keep new ones at bay. We still have great deals on weedkillers and a range of weeding tools designed to make the hard work of digging up weeds that bit easier.

  8. Now is the ideal time to be planting bulbs and seeds so that they flower in time for Spring next year (save tulip bulbs for Oct/Nov planting). Choose from naturalising bulbs that keep returning each year, Tulips or flowers that add beautiful fragrance to your borders. (We have our widest ever range, now in store).

  9. With the extra leaf fall during this time of year, it is important to keep your ponds clear of debris. An accumulation of this in the pond can result in more growth of algae and weeds which, if left for long enough, will reduce oxygen levels and harm your fish. Clear any debris in your pond with a easy to use pond vacuum or net, and cover with netting. 

  10. September is a great time to plant new perennials. The soil is still warm but moisture levels are increasing making it the perfect terrain for new growth.  We have an expanded range of perennials in stock.

  11. Clear out your greenhouse and use a fumigator to sterilise.  Get bubble wrap ready for Winter insulation in your greenhouse.

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