Hooray!  Spring is our favourite time of the year as pond keepers as we can now bring our ponds out of their Winter state and start getting ready for the Summer.



Once your pond water has warmed up it's the ideal time to plant up your pond with new plants or replace any that you have lost over the Winter.  Hornwort, willowmoss, ranunculus, potamogeton & callitriche are all great oxygenators, and are a good addition to your pond.  All pond plants add oxygen and provide shelter for fish - add different varieties of water lilies, marginals and reeds to help.  When putting new plants in always use aquatic compost in a pond basket topped with sterilised aquatic gravel, and for best results use a slow release aquatic plant fertiliser - all available in store.



Spring is when your filter will be working its' hardest so ensure that everything is working properly.  Replace your filter foams if they have decayed or rotted away but the most important thing to do is to change your UV Bulb.  These only last for 12 months and lose c.10% of their efficiency per month.  Spring is when Blanket Weed and Algae can take a hold of your pond so ensure your bulb is new.  If your pond is swamped with Blanket Weed or algae, come down to the store and either add a new filter or UVC, or grab some Blanket Weed or algae control - we have many solutions which work a treat!  More oxygen helps prevent Blanket Weed so ideally add an air pump and airstone and plants to your pond.  You should aim for 2/3 of your pond surface covered in pond plants, as this helps oxygenation and provides shading for fish and wildlife.



Clean out any sludge if you have some in your pond with a pondvac which make pond cleaning really easy. Alternatively you can use a sludge busting product, available instore.  


If you are unfortunate enough to have a Heron that likes the taste of your fish - take action now and prevent your prized fish from becoming a quick snack.  There are many ways you can battle a Heron without the need for a gun (as herons are protected)!  First off you can try a dummy plastic Heron, these look lifelike and can stop a real Heron from deciding your pond is his food plate, only as log as you keep moving it!  We have other heron reflectors too which work well. Second defence is floating rigid pond netting - these float on the surface so are barely visible and will stop the Heron from getting to your fish.  We also have nylon pond netting that can be stretched across your pond as well.  If all fails, we have an electronic heron preventer too.



Once the water temperature has risen above 10 degrees and your fish start to come to the surface and ask for food, start feeding them with your usual Summer feed.  Between 4-10 degrees keep feeding wheatgerm foods.  We have lots of different varieties in store.



If you have anything about your pond that you are not sure of just bring a sample of water into store and where possible some pictures and we will do our best to sort your problem out.


We have full stocks of many different varieties of pond fish, from goldfish, shubunkins, grass carp, orfe, tench, sturgeon, sterlets, Japanese Koi and Classic Koi, and many more, all ready to add to your pond.  If you are stocking up your pond why not buy a membership to our Fish Club and save 10% of all the fish you buy for the rest of you life for only a small fee - ask in store at the till.  Before adding fish it is always advisable to have your water checked so bring a sample in with you and we will test it for you free of charge to ensure your new pond mates will have a happy home!