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Wild Bird Care

Why is it so important to feed the birds?

We love the wild birds that we are lucky to have in this area of the country.  Feeding them will keep them visiting the garden and feeding through the Winter gives them a much better chance of dealing with food shortages in the cold months.  It's more important than ever to feed all your round with natural habitats diminishing.


Our bird care section includes the following essentials at great prices...


Seed Feeders including squirrel proof, Window Feeders for close-up viewing, Bird Tables, Multi-Feeding Stations, Bird Baths and Nest Boxes.

Variety of seed mixes including wild bird, no wheat (to stop pigeons), no mess, sunflower hearts and black sunflowers, peanuts (great for tits, great spotted woodpecker, green finches, nut hatch), and nyger.

Suet Cakes, Pellets, Fat Balls and accessories.


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Nest Boxes & Insect Hotels

We have a good selection of nest boxes which are great for your garden and they will encourage birds to make your garden their home.  Mount bird boxes at least 1.5 metres high in quiet locations away from hot sun and wind and with an easy flight path in. Remember not all boxes will be occupied, so provide a choice.  If you have a large garden think about making provision for owls and woodpeckers too.

Encourage the bugs into your garden by providing Insect Hotels for them.  They will soon pay you back by contolling pests on your plants and with pollination.  Try providing insect nesting sites - these can be purpose built from hollow canes and tubes, even piles of bricks, leaf piles and bark mulches can be ideal for insects.


There are of course many other animals that inhabit your garden.  Frogs, toads and newts are great garden friends, most of the year they hide during the day under stones and at night enjoy an al a carte menu of pests!  A pond in the garden ensures that these wonderful animals can lay their eggs and produce the next generation.  Bees are another unsung hero of the garden and we have many flowers for encouraging bees, essential for the eco-system of your garden..

Country Nest Box
Insect Hotel